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Whether it is your brand, reputation, a product and/or service; moja delivers.

mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC (USA) and mojaevans Professional Services, Limited (GH) provides the following services.


Motivational Speaking:


One of the most fascinating talents CEO Evans has is the ability to capture the conscience and attention of an audience.  From speaking to youth and young adults in juvenile detention centers, to facilitating a group of small business owners, to high school, college, and university commencement ceremonies; Evans has an award winning personality and charm. To learn more, go HERE.


Graphic Design:


One of the cool things about graphic design is having a blank canvass before us and allowing inspiration to let  energy flow and create something extraordinary for our clients.  Whether it's business cards, brochures, a logo, letterhead, poster, postcard, or anything in between - we use the top industry's software programs to make the magic happen.  To learn more, go HERE.


Website Design:


We have been creating websites since 1995, for individuals, businesses, organizations and government entities. Having a presence online is no longer an option for those looking to have and maintain a competitive edge --- it's an obligation! Adding to that, keeping a website updated with current events is also essential to maintaining a presence online. We will develop a website in coordination with you, from very basic to comprehensive; it depends on how you want it done. It’s our job to serve you! To learn more, go HERE.


Within this service line, there are four sub-services in direct line with website design:


Website Assessment & Analysis:  We take a look at your website's entire structure and determine the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that exist for you in maximizing the visibility of your product or service.  Two words sum up this service more than any other, "content matters!"


Website Content Development:  There is personal writing, business writing, print writing, and then there is web writing, which is totally different.  When you write for a website, subpage, blog, or social media platform, it's all about using the best words to ensure someone conducting a search online can find you relatively quickly.  We enjoy writing for both the web and social media.


Search Engine Optimization:  How are you fairing in the search engine world?  Are you coming up on the first page or further down the line?  We know what needs to be included on your website and within its structure to make sure the search engine crawlers find you.  If you're not coming up in the first two to three pages, you need the moja touch (i.e. similar to the Midas touch, only better!).


Social Media Optimization: In the social media world, there are approximately 14 key social media websites businesses, nonprofits,  or individuals with a product or service are on.  The challenge is how often are they posting content to their social media platform?  Many have started a Facebook Page, Twitter and Google+ Account, as well as LinkedIn - but how often are you uploading content relevant to your product/service?  We can post for you on a regular basis which keeps you relevant and in the minds of those who are already following you.  Don't be a social media sap, let the moja work for you.


LLC Incorporation and Development:


When we started this company in 2002 as a Limited Liability Company, there weren't a lot of mentors and folks to give us guidance and direction.  The Internet was still evolving and so too was search engine optimization.  So, we learned as much as we could by reading books and magazines on the best way to structure the company and do good business.  Well, it's been 12 years now and we have helped many start their own LLC and provided assistance in their development and growth.  To learn more about this service, go HERE.


Nonprofit Incorporation and Development:


When it comes to building an organization's capacity and infrastructure, this is where we excel. Having conducted more than 200 assessments with organizations all over the country and developing nonprofit improvement plans for many of them, we know the challenges of growth and development. We know that your first board of directors will not be your final one.  We know that those you expected to excel will let you down the most, and we know that trying to navigate the entire nonprofit management world is intimidating.  No worries, we can help you get through the first year, which includes several phases of growth and development.  To learn more about this service, go HERE.


Within this service line, there are two key services for nonprofits to consider from the moment they conceptualize the organization:


501(c)3 Tax Exemption: Many nonprofits run out of breath when it comes to this stage in their growth and development, or they will try to shortcut the process and payment.  NEWS FLASH!!! If you intend to raise more than $10,000, the IRS Filing Fee is $850 - no questions asked.  Now, there are many ways to raise this money, but don't look at that amount and get distracted - once you have 501(c)3, you can raise thousands and millions.  Let us do the paperwork for you.


Nonprofit Strategic Planning:  It is said that those who fail to plan are definitely planning to fail.  You have to think three to five years from now and what you want your nonprofit to look like.  What will the board of directors look like?  How much money do you want in your budget?  What programs and services will you be offering?  All of this comes down to you having a strategic plan in place to guide and direct you.  We can help.


Each service arm is designed to improve the infrastructure and capacity of individuals, organizations and businesses alike. Since incorporating, these signature services are those most in demand by new and existing clients.  Feel free to browse our website and learn more. Should you have any additional questions not answered by the information on our website; please don't hesitate to contact us.



At mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, we believe in giving back. We support school children in Ghana and so much more.

mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC (USA)/LTD (Ghana) is a consulting firm with a clear mission to provide an amazing experience by providing quality service; operating with integrity; and delivering on time.


Our main focus is Graphic/Website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), LLC & Nonprofit Development.  For more information, visit our Services page...

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