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International Masons and Eastern Stars

Graphic/Website Design, Brand Development & Maintenance, SM Optimization

Client since 2010

International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star was founded in 1950 as a Fraternal Order.  The organization is the third largest African American Fraternal Order in the country with operations in more than 38 states and the Bahamas having its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.


mojaevans Professional Services, LLC launched the organization's first website in March 2010 with makeovers done annually incorporating new information and content relevant to its robust membership.  In addition to website design, we provide graphic design services via the design and creation of souvenir book ads, business cards, promotional materials, and forms/documents.


In addition, brand management is handled through social media optimization with regular posting of content and messages through 30+ Facebook Groups and one Twitter account.  We also monitor all email requests and correspondence sent via its "info@" email address.


mojaevans uses the following software programs and applications to maintain all services provided to this client.


- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe PhotoShop

- Adobe Muse

- Adobe Acrobat

- MS Word

- MS Publisher


You can visit the organization's website at to view our work and learn more about the organization.



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